They Call It Getting “Cut” For A Reason

Cuts are minor nuances that sometimes leave a scar as a reminder. They are not life changing and if you treat them the right way you can possibly learn how to avoid them in the future.

I knew this Natal fight was win or move on, probably for both of us. In my heart I felt like I had done enough to win. I left my UFC contract in the judges hands. They felt like I lost and getting cut is what comes with that decision. It is unfortunate that MMA judging and statistical fight analysis is so far off. Instead of looking back I am going to look forward, look forward to building my MMA career.

I am thankful the UFC gave me the opportunity to fight the best in the World. They treated me fair and gave me a lot of great experiences and the opportunity to meet some amazing MMA fans. At the end of the day I am a MMA fighter at heart. That means my future is not tied to being in the UFC. My future in MMA will continue. I am in the gym already working on all aspects of my fighting skills.

My coaches have helped me evolve into a more complete fighter. There are a lot of great Middleweights not in the UFC and I look forward to facing some of them. We get better through battles and I am always looking to do just that.

I can’t thank my sponsors enough, your commitment to me in and out of the cage has allowed me to realize my dreams and help others. I am honored to continue to represent you and thankful for all of your support.

To my fans, I promise you that I will train harder and continue to showcase the style and heart that you have come to expect from me. I will always keep coming forward and always go out on my shield. I can’t express how much you mean to me, your support and love make the hard days easier and the good days great.