UFC AIM Sleeveless Compression Top

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UFC AIM Sleeveless Compression Top

Show off your guns with this new UFC sleveless compression top. The UFC has a new hit with the AIM line (Anatomic Interface Mapping). This compression clothing - tops and shorts - is being worn by the best in the sport; fighters like Jon Jones. Clothing that is engineered to perform at the level required for ultimate competition. You too can step up your training with this UFC clothing. This is the next generation in sports compression wear technology. AIM is engineered to your musculature grid on a seamless chafe-resistant ‘second skin’. AIM harnesses a complex design of targeted compression zones for ultimate high athletic performance.

  • Propulsion: Elastane energy tuned to your concentric and eccentric actions for breakthrough efforts in speed and power.
  • Core Stability: Advanced dual core stability design for maximal dynamic performance during explosive movements.
  • O2 Transport: Compression induced blood flow transport for reduced fatigue and aiding recovery.
  • Body Control: Targeted muscle vibration control for physical strain reduction, while increasing muscle coordination.
  • Myofresh: Weaved composite for lifetime antimicrobial performance + optimized moisture wick action.
  • Postural Balance: Tectonic body alignment for posture support and athletic balance.
  • Mobility: Super 4-way stretch for maximum movement freedom.

Sizes: S/M, L/XL, XXL

S/M = 34-40" Chest

L/XL = 42-48" Chest

XXL = 50+" Chest


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