UFC AIM Womens Compression Tank Bra

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UFC AIM Womens Compression Tank Bra

A new level in sports bra from the UFC. This compression bra sports the Myogrid™ AIM (Anatomic Interface Mapping™) technology, the next generation in sports compression wear. AIM is engineered to your musculature grid on a seamless chafe-resistant ‘second skin’. AIM harnesses a complex design of targeted compression zones for ultimate high athletic performance.

  • Propulsion: Elastane energy tuned to your concentric and eccentric actions for breakthrough efforts in speed and power.
  • Core Stability: Advanced dual core stability design for maximal dynamic performance during explosive movements.
  • O2 Transport: Compression induced blood flow transport for reduced fatigue and aiding recovery.
  • Body Control: Targeted muscle vibration control for physical strain reduction, while increasing muscle coordination.
  • Myofresh: Weaved composite for lifetime antimicrobial performance + optimized moisture wick action.
  • Postural Balance: Tectonic body alignment for posture support and athletic balance.
  • Mobility: Super 4-way stretch for maximum movement freedom.


Sizes: XS/S, M/L, XL

XS/S = 31-35.5" Bust

M/L = 36-40.5" Bust

XL = 41+" Bust


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